Monk School Supply Fundraiser On Now

This is an excellent way to simplify your back-to-school preparations for the fall… you can order your child’s school supplies (from local business Monk Office) in a ready-to-go kit stocked with all the supplies requested by your child’s teacher for next year.

Note: If you do not wish to pre-order your child’s school supplies, you can always purchase school supplies on your own at any location of your choice.

What are the Benefits?

  • Save yourself the hassle of shopping for school supplies! Why waste time chasing down out-of-stock items or lining up in stores when you can just order everything in one go?
  • MonkOffice provides the school supplies at better-than-retail prices, and returns 10% of the kit’s price to the school for investment in school activities and equipment!
  • A $5 PAC fundraising fee is included in each student’s school supply order, making this an easy way to help your PAC raise funds for additional school equipment, events, etc.

How Do I Order?
1.  Before July 18, 2021, go ONLINE to then click on the ‘Shop’ button on the upper left, and enter our PAC Code:  393D7D

2.  Select the grade that your child will be entering in the 2021/2022 school year.

3.  Add your child’s supply kit (& any optional supplies, if desired).  Please note: the online order system doesn’t allow items to be included in the kit as well as to be listed in the “optional items,” so to add certain optional items from the supply list, you just need to find them on Monk’s website and add them to your cart and then they’ll be included in your child’s assembled kit.

4. For an order confirmation, be sure to add your email address during checkout (& check your junk email later if you don’t receive the confirmation email after ordering)

5. During check out, choose either free school delivery or free in-store pick up.  *Due to COVID-19 there are some additional measures you need to be aware of when it comes to school supplies. Please read the information below before making your selection.

Do I Need to Label My School Supplies? (yes!)

  • The school board has stated that next year ALL school supplies must come individually labelled (that means every pencil, felt pen, crayon, eraser etc.) with the student’s name as supplies cannot be shared or stored communally in classrooms.  We recommend using a fine-tip Sharpie to label your child’s supplies, or ordering labels from Oliver’s Labels through another PAC Fundraiser with Olivers Labels(
  • So that parents have a little more time to label their child’s supplies before classes start, we’re planning to offer a pick up time the week before school (date TBA) when parents can come to the school to pick up their child’s school supply kit.  Alternatively, we encourage you to pick up your child’s kit directly from MonkOffice (at whichever time best suits your schedule); for this option, select “In Store Pick Up” when ordering.

Please remember – all ONLINE orders must be completed by July 18, 2021

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at