How to Register/Waitlist Information

As Cloverdale Traditional School is considered a ‘school of choice’, we do not follow the usual registration process that is found throughout the school district.  Please read below for information on registering for Cloverdale Traditional School for all grades.



We take registration on a continuous basis for kindergarten.  We have children as young as 6 months of age that are on our waitlist.  We recommend that parents register their children early.

We offer spaces by telephone call each January for the following September admission.  We offer spaces to siblings of current students first, and then we offer the remaining spaces in the order in which children are on our waitlist.  Each year we are guaranteed to have 2 kindergarten classes.  Some years we are able to add a third class.

We do offer our spaces before General Kindergarten Registration (which is set by the school district, usually the third week of January), and we contact parents either way so you know whether you have a space in our school or whether you need to go to your catchment school to register on general registration day.


Grades 1-5:

We take registration and keep a waitlist on a continuous basis for all grades.   At times we offer spaces for mid-year transfers.    Admission is offered to students with siblings already in the school first, and then the remaining spaces are offered in the order that the students are on our waitlist.  We usually offer spaces in February for the following September.  When you are offered a space we will also book an appointment for the parent and student to come in and meet with the Principal.

If we are unable to offer a space for the grade you have been waitlisted for, we will continue to advance the registration form through the grades from year-to-year until we are able to offer a space, or until the student reaches middle school.


How to Register:

In order to be added to our waitlist for any grade, we require you to fill out the current district registration form.  We ask that you return it to the school office along with a copy of the birth certificate or passport for the child (something that shows Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residency), and proof of address for the parent/guardian (such as a driver’s license, BCID, utility bill, rental agreement, etc).  You can submit these documents via email at or you can come into the school office to fill out a form and have us take copies of your supporting documents.  Click here for the current registration form:  Registration Form