Report Card Proficiency Scale

September 24, 2021.


Dear Parents/Guardians/Students,

We wanted to share with you that Cloverdale Traditional School will be involved in piloting a provincial initiative for the 2021-2022 school year that will see all classroom teachers use Proficiency Scales to communicate student learning.  A change in reporting practice can be seen across the province, as school districts work to align themselves with the Ministry of Education’s reporting policy and with BC’s curriculum. We anticipate that by the 2022-2023 school year, all schools province wide will be using the Proficiency Scales.

Where We Were

The move to Proficiency Scales is a shift away from using traditional letter grades: A, B, C+, C,… and/or a performance scale: Not Yet Meeting (1), Approaching Expectations (2), Meeting Expectation (3) and Exceeding Expectations (4).

 Why the Shift?

Proficiency Scales are based on communicating and describing each student’s growth and progression along a continuum of learning. All reports will continue to reflect strengths, areas for improvement and ways to deepen learning.
















The student is beginning to demonstrate basic knowledge in relation to the learning standards


Works with ongoing support


The student demonstrated some knowledge in relation to learning standards


Works with some support

The student demonstrated good knowledge in relation to the learning standards


Works independently

The student demonstrated knowledge beyond the learning standards


Works independent and can support the learning of others




We believe it is important for families to receive information about their child(ren)’s learning. The shift to the Proficiency Scale will:

  • Focus on learning as a continuous process
  • Support a better understanding of learning; focus on next steps
  • Promote a growth-mindset or a belief that we can all get better
  • Foster hope and a culture of learning

Please feel free to contact the school if you have any questions or click HERE for more information.



Sue Ottenbreit, Principal

Cloverdale Traditional School