Communicable Disease Prevention Plan

Below this note you will find the up to date version of the district Communicable Disease Prevention Plan. The main focus when returning to school will be about keeping all of the students and staff safe. The guidelines are based on information receive from BCCD and the District.

Focuses for the fall will be to continue to:

  • Reduce unintentional contact
  • Be mindful of personal space by maintaining distance
  • All adults wear masks inside
  • All grade 4/5 students are asked to wear masks while indoors
  • It is recommended that K-3 students wear masks while indoors
  • Continue to teach and practice regular hand washing and hygiene
  • Ask families to complete a daily health check and to not come to school unwell

The staff and students at Cloverdale are used to these protocols, and are expected to continue them as part of daily routines.


With these important focuses in mind, parents are asked to:

  • Continue to drop off/pick up children at designated outside areas
  • Report to the office to check in when entering the building
  • Wear a mask when coming into the building (barring any medical exemptions)
  • Enter the school if you need direct support from our office staff or if there is an emergent issue that you need help with. It would be very much appreciated if you can connect via phone or email as much as possible
  • Any guests coming into the school will be required to be double vaccinated. Their visit will be directly connected to contributing to the learning environment of the class
  • At this time there will be no large gatherings or assemblies


September 2 2021-Superintendent Letter-Communicable Disease Prevention Plan to Families