Emergencies and Reunification

In the event of an emergency in which the Reunification Process is required for releasing students, you will arrive to the school ground to see this set up:

Reunification Map


The Double-Gate System for Reunification will be used to establish a safe area for staff to release students to parents, or authorized guardians in the aftermaths of a disaster.

During a Student/Parent Reunification, the following steps will be followed:

1) Greeters will be dispersed around the school grounds (as required) to direct parents/authorized guardians to the Check-In Gate [1].

2) Arriving parents/authorized guardians will be sorted into alphabetical lines corresponding to the first letter of the family name of the student(s) being picked up.

3) A staff member will ask for government issued picture identification (driver’s license, military ID, passport, etc.) to confirm the parent/guardian requesting the student(s) is listed on the Student(s) Release Form, and is authorized to do so.

  • Staff will fill out the name of the requesting person, intended destination, time of pick up, and write the name of the requesting person on the tear away section.
  • Staff will Sign the “Authorization for Student(s) Release” section of the form.
  • The parent/guardian will Sign for the student(s) on the Student(s) Release Form.
  • The top portion of the Student(s) Release Form will be filed by the Student Release Supervisor.
  • If the Student(s) Release Form is not in the Release Binder, the parent/authorized guardian will be directed to the Release Supervisor table.
    • The Release Supervisor will confirm that the student has been released.
    • If the student is injured or missing, the parent/guardian will be escorted to the First Aid Area, or to the area where the Mental Health Team is located

4) The Runner will go to the Student Assembly Area, locate the requested student(s), escort them to the Release Gate and hand them over to the parent/authorized guardian.

5) The bottom portion of the Student(s) Release Form will be kept by the Release Gate Supervisor.

6) The parent/authorized guardian will take the bottom portion of the Student(s) Release Form and proceed to the Release Gate [2]. The form will be given to a Runner (staff member) in the area.