CTS Spirit Wear – Online Store Open January 5 – January 22

We are so excited to be able to offer CTS Spirit Wear for purchase for the second (and final) time this year.  All items are purchased through Team Sales using the link below.  Payments are issued to Team Sales directly.  Please do not submit an order to the school as we are unable to process it.

Link:  https://cloverdalewinter2021.itemorder.com

The online store closes on January 22nd.  We are offering Cloverdale Cheetah t-shirts, pull over hoodies, zip up hoodies, and in light of all things COVID, face masks.  If there is an item you would like to see us offer in the future, please email your ideas to Cloverdale@sd61.bc.ca.  To see samples of the items (colors, etc) please click the link above.



Zip Up Hoodies:  $30.00 *** Note that there is a change to the design of the zip up hoodie from the first order.  We have now placed the logo on the front upper left part of the hoodie.

Pull Over Hoodies:  $25.00

T-Shirts:  $12.50

Face Masks:  $8.00

All items will be delivered to the school 3-4 weeks after the store closes and they will be delivered directly to classrooms.


This is the final time this school year that we will be offering CTS Spirit Wear for purchase.  Don’t miss out!  


We are unable to accept late orders.  Online store closes Friday, January 22, 2021.