PAC Notes and FAQ from Boundary Review Meeting December 3

Cloverdale Traditional School Catchment Boundary Changes & Impacts


December 3, 2019 Parent Information Night


Q & A with Colin Roberts & Simon Burgers


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will the new catchment boundary changes take effect?

A: The catchment boundary changes will take effect for the September 2020 school year.


Q: With the new catchment boundary changes my family will now be considered as living “out of catchment.” We have a student currently attending Cloverdale Traditional School. Will my child still be able to attend Cloverdale?

A: Yes. All students currently enrolled will be able to stay and continue attending Cloverdale.


Q: When do I need to register my child for Kindergarten?

A: Early French Immersion Registration (Kindergarten & Grade 1) will take place January 6-10, 2020. Kindergarten Registration Week (English) will take place January 20-24, 2020. Registration commences at your catchment school between 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. English Kindergarten Registration will be processed on a first come first served basis in accordance with our Student Enrolment Priorities. All catchment area students will be accepted during Kindergarten registration week. All families must register at their catchment school. More information about Kindergarten Registration can be found at:


Q: What are the Student Enrolment Priorities?

A: When there are more students than a school can accommodate, student enrolment priorities will determine the order in which students are placed in a school.

  1. re-enrolling students
  2. a catchment area sibling
  3. a catchment area child

• 3.5 a non-catchment sibling impacted by a change to a catchment boundary

  1. a non-catchment sibling
  2. a non-catchment child
  3. a non-school district child

The student enrolment priorities apply to all new registrations, transfer requests, elementary to middle and middle to secondary transitions.


More information about Student Enrolment Priorities can be found at:

Student Enrolment Priorities