BC Summer Reading Club

BC Summer Reading Club 2020
For kids 12 and under

Explore our Universe page by page with the BC Summer Reading Club! Whether you’re reading at home or on holidays, you can track your daily reading on your daily reading record. Beginning June 15, visit https://bcsrc.ca/ or starting July 7, you can come to branches that are open and pick up your registration package in person.
Visit gvpl.ca/src to begin tracking your reading right away or as GVPL reopens, drop by to pick up a Getting Started package.

How BC Summer Reading Club Works
Step 1: Track your reading by one (or more) of the following options:
• Beginning June 15, track your reading with a new self-paced, online club at https://bcsrc.ca/.
• Pick up a Getting Started with BC SRC package. Each package contains a paper reading record, stickers,
a bookmark, and a tattoo. Check https://www.gvpl.ca/ for branch reopening updates before you visit.
• Print off a reading record at http://www.gvpl.ca/src/
• Get creative and make your own reading record. For inspiration, look at this year’s BC SRC artwork at https://bcsrc.ca/
(or do your own thing!).
Step 2: Read for a minimum of 20 minutes every day.
Step 3: Enter or write down one thing you’ve read each day.
Step 4: After you’ve read for seven days, collect a virtual badge in the online club, add a sticker to your reading record or decorate your printed or original reading record. Celebrate!
Step 5: Repeat steps 2 to 4. Keep up the great work!

More fun experiences to make your summer extra special are under construction! Check http://www.gvpl.ca/src/ for more information.