School Uniforms

Under School District 61 Student Dress Code Policy 5132 S. 3.2 “Cloverdale Traditional Elementary School may have a standard school uniform” (approved at The Board of Education of School District No. 61 Regular Board Meeting on April 23, 2018).  Attending Cloverdale Traditional School (CTS) means that you have agreed that your child will wear clothing that falls within the School Uniform and Dress Code Policy

CTS School Uniform and Dress Code Policy – Updated June 11, 2018


We ask that when you are shopping for clothing, you take these guidelines with you. Although many local stores carry uniform clothing, all of the clothing within that store may not meet the School Uniform and Dress Code Policy. Therefore, it is important that you use this as a reference when shopping.

Example stores that carry uniform clothing include: Walmart, The Bay, The Gap, Old Nay,  and The Children’s Place. It is strongly recommended that you consider the quality of the clothing you are buying for you child. For example, past experience has shown that navy coloured items from Old Navy and The Gap fade quickly when washed, and may not continue to meet the uniform requirements throughout the year.

It is also possible to find clothing that meets the uniform requirements in other stores or online.

MANDATORY: It is mandatory for students to have a navy CRESTED item at school every day. Crested items include: fleece vest, fleece jacket, long sleeve V-neck sweater, sweater vest and cardigan sweater.

*PLEASE NOTE: Crested items are no longer available through Able Cresting.  New and gently used crested items are available through the school office.  Cash or cheque only


The PAC also has a small supply of crested fleece vests and jackets from the previous supplier for sale. Stock is limited! Please contact or attend a PAC event as these and other quality items are available for purchase.

Thank you for your continued support in ensuring all of our children look smart, clean and are wearing the Cloverdale Traditional School uniform every day.



The Parent Advisory Council has created a Uniform Consignment program for the school community. Parents are welcome to consign their child’s quality used clothing; with a 50/50 split between the seller and the PAC. The seller may choose to donate their consignment items directly to the PAC, in which case, the PAC will retain all sales and will be put towards the year’s fundraising efforts.

Consignment items will be available throughout the year at a number of PAC events.

Do you have items ready for Consignment?

  • All items must be in accordance with the approved Uniform Guidelines
  • All clothing must be free of stains, tears and noticeable wear
  • All clothing must have working zippers, buttons, ties
  • Clothing must be delivered in a sealed bag with the completed Seller Registration Form securely attached

If you have items for consignment, please email the to arrange a time for you to drop them off.

Seller Registration Form